For starters, make sure you and your baby are comfortable and comfortable. Move the child close to his breast, holding his toe at the level of the nipple. Encourage the baby to open his mouth wide, gently grazing the upper lip of his mouth or tickling the lower lip of his mouth, and then move the baby forward to your breast - should grab it all over his mouth, along with the entire wart and the dark nipple. The nipple should be deep in the baby's mouth.

Allow the child to eat from the first breast until it becomes soft - about 15-20 minutes. Try to help him in the reflection, then give the other breast.

Tip: It is important to support the neck, shoulders and back of the baby, not the back of the head - so the toddler can tilt his head and swallow easily.

Ask your midwife or nurse for help with your first feeding - you will definitely have many useful tips and hints!

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