Dietary guidelines for women third trimester of pregnancyFind out what products you should eat and what to avoid to pregnancy proceeded normally.




In the last stage of pregnancy a healthy lifestyle, we have a future, including its diet is as important as the first two trimesters of pregnancy. Body weight of your child to triple during this time; He therefore deliver all the nutrients needed for proper growth and development. Helpful hints.

Eat smaller meals, but more often

Your body weight gain during the third trimester may be 4,5-8 kg or 0.5 kg per week. Due to the fact that your child is growing, but also many of your tissues and organs increases its mass every day, set on 5-6 light and nutritious meals or snacks spread throughout the day day.

Take care to deliver nutrients to the body's calcium, protein and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, a fatty acid Omega-3)

The bones of your child's need to grow more calcium, and his muscles and tissues need a supply of protein. For proper development of the brain Your child needs DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, a fatty acid Omega-3). Experts recommend intake during pregnancy dietary supplements to provide the right amount of essential nutrients.

A diet rich in important nutrients your body will also help in the recovery and return to good shape after childbirth. Eat products such as lean meat, legumes, soy, fish and broccoli and other healthy products.

Check the products in which you will find the needed nutrients .

Remember and drinking adequate amounts of water

Despite the discomfort that you may experience due to the increased pressure on the bladder, it is very important that you still drank at least 10 cups (2-2.5 liters) of fluid a day. Proper hydration is not only crucial for the development of your child, but you can reduce the problem of constipation, and even prevent them!

Lead an active lifestyle

The larger the size of your body and less mobility you may hinder physical activity behavior. Remember, however, that even a little bit of exercise can greatly contribute to improving your overall health and well-being, both during pregnancy and after birth. Keep calm and follow your doctor's instructions.